Bonus Materials
1. History of Steele/McFly Productions
2. A Very Fond Farewell to Andrew Steele
3. Character List
4. Movie Posters
5. Comic Book Cover
6. The Tale of Magdelian Magdelor

History of Steele/McFly Productions

Now a subsidiary of chefgonDOTcom, Steele/McFly Productions was originally founded as a joint venture between famous celebrities Ireland Steele and Seamus McFly. Seeking at first to share their special brand of humor with the world, they began recording podcasts with primitive computering and microphoning equipment. Before long, their podcast was a runaway success with the 8 or 9 people who had ever heard of it. The stars quickly realized that a larger distribution could bring them untold amounts of fame and fortune. Their quest to bring the podcast to the masses led them to Chefgon, evil ruler of the chefgonDOTcom empire.

Chefgon, eager to take advantage the naive young celebrities, signed them up for a lifetime distribution contract in exchange for little more than a box of rabid squirrels he passed off as kittens. After their squirrel attack wounds began to heal, Ireland and Seamus came together and recorded the episode "Coming Attractions," arguably their most famous work, and unleashed it upon the world. The resulting storm of fame, money, and women that unequaled podcast success inevitably brings was not enough for the headstrong duo, as they set out on the impossible quest to outdo themselves in the form of a sequel.

Production of Season 2, dubbed "The Steele/McFly World Tour," began almost immediately. Heartless producer Chefgon soon realized what he had stumbled upon, and set out to build a new website and merchandise licensing empire with which to drain every cent possible from the pair's creation. By the end of February 2009, the first three episodes of the World Tour had been released to critical praise, and the cheap licensed merchandise was drawing in millons of dollars in profit by the day. Steele/McFly Productions had arrived on the global stage.

A Very Fond Farewell to Andrew Steele

The world has lost one of the most individually talented people it will ever know. Andrew Steele, better known here as his character Prince Ireland Steele, has passed away at age 24 after a battle with cancer.

I've known Andrew Steele for over a decade, since he moved to Ohio from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Even then, at the beginning of our friendship in the seventh grade, it was clear that he was so fiercely funny and truly brilliant that he would someday change the world. Throughout high school, the riotous and manic nature of our natural conversation drew crowds just to watch us debate our top ten movie villains or hear a recitation of the latest poetry that had just spilled from our brains. A fateful chemistry class was where the aimless one-liners and celebrity voices began to take shape, as we transformed a pedestrian powerpoint project into Sean Connery's Adventures in Chemistry, a hastily written and poorly photoshopped tale of Christopher Lee and Sean Connery engaging in an epic game of basketball. The end result was a classroom of students on the floor and a chemistry teacher who hastily left the room just to scrape herself back together from hysterical laughter. This madness continued and intensified throughout high school, but after our parting of ways for college, I don't think either of us was ready for the collaboration to end.

While my other high school friendships fell by the wayside, I joined forces with Steele again to form Steele/McFly Productions and this show, which we poured our heart and soul into despite a meager fan base. As important as maintaining the friendship was providing some way for Steele's undefinably unique comic voice to be heard and appreciated. As our jokes and musings about epic stories gave way to epic stories of our own, I knew deep down that he was capable of something far more incredible than I was able to create for him. Andrew Steele was fated to create something important and groundbreaking. Saying it's unfair that he will never have the chance to do that and that we'll never have the opportunity to see it is a gross understatement. My mind keeps circling back to this thought, and I don't think the eternally optimistic Ireland Steele would be pleased to know that he caused such despair.

After I learned about Steele's passing, the initial shock and grief eventually loosened its grip, and I decided the first thing I would do is to watch the Lord of the Rings films. It felt like a fitting tribute and after four days of battles and ancient evils and wizards and sweeping New Zealand landscapes, I finally reached the ending of Return of the King. In the final moments of the film, I found a message Steele left for me. Frodo had finished writing his story and left the world and his friends, never to be seen again. His final words are to Samwise, who played a vital support role during Frodo's quest:

“My dear Sam, you cannot always be torn in two. You will have to be one and whole for many years. You have so much to enjoy and to be and to do. Your part in the story will go on.”

Steele's part in the story may be over, but as his creative collaborator and friend, it's up to me to write the rest. And not only me, but everyone he knew and inspired through the 24 years we were lucky enough to have him. I look forward to spending the rest of my days striving to be someone who deserved to call Andrew Steele a friend.


Character List


IRELAND STEELE the irish magician
SEAMUS MCFLY the american cheese


CHEFGON the heartless producer
RAMONE BARBOSSA blackmailed reviewer; no relation

"Guest Stars" (in order of appearance)

SEAN CONNERYa complex man
EMPEROR PALPATINEfunnier than he looks
OBI WAN KENOBIjedi movie reviewer extraordinaire
RED GREENharold's uncle
ISADORE ROMPSALOTfictional newscaster
NATTY BUMPOeater of belgian waffles
AL GOREenvironmental superhero
NUTE GUNRAYannoying trade federation guy
JACK SPARROWdrunken pirate
GREG BARBOSSApirate; funny lawyer
AGENT SMITHbadass computer program
Vbig screen anarchist
KEANU REEVEShates architects
SLAP HAPPY PAPPYsurprisingly violent old guy
HARRY CARAYenthusiastic sports commentator
CHRISTOPHER LEEjudge; traitor
JAMES HOOKpirate; funnier lawyer
J. ANCHERjolly good spokesperson
WAFER MANscottish
PATRICK MCDERMITextremely trustworthy
WILLY WONKAdinosaur cloner
EMMA WATSONjust turned eighteen
ANAKIN SKYWALKERso in love with emma watson
DR STRATENOVevil frenchman
JOHNNY DEPPnot jack sparrow
ALAN RICKMANthe quiet one
FELIXgets through security
T-CRUISEon the d-japes
PODCAST FANasks the tough questions
SWEENEY TODDairline pilot; demon barber
PAUL MCCARTNEYfounding member of wings
JOHN LENNONwears a frilly hat
RINGO STARRfamous rock and roll drummer
GEORGE HARRISONdoesn't remember john's hat
MAXIMUSoccasionally teaches potions classes
JAY CANNESbrushes his teeth every day
DAVY JONESdislikes tardiness, the finger
TEDmidnight with the magician announcer

Movie Posters

The final episode of Season One features a series of five trailers for mostly made-up movies. In an attempt to give these audio-only trailers a bit more authenticity, a movie poster was commissioned for each trailer. Shown below is the result of that effort.

Willy Wonka and the Jurassic Park

Willy Wonka and the Jurassic Park
by Chefgon

Andrew Steele's The War that Bridged the Gap of Time Part One: The Chosen One

Andrew Steele's The War that Bridged the Gap of Time Part One: The Chosen One
by Seamus McFly

Possum Lodge

Possum Lodge
by Seamus McFly

Sean's Boys

Sean's Boys
by Chefgon

The Steele/McFly Movie

The Steele/McFly Movie
by Chefgon

Comic Book Cover

After The Steele/McFly World Tour became an overnight success, it was only a matter of time before the underground bootleg comic book industry started making an unlicensed interpretation. Once discovered, evil producer Chefgon had the artists arrested for copyright infringement and had all copies of the comic destroyed without a hint of remorse or sense of irony. This scan of the cover is the only known remnant of the comic that still exists.

Comic Cover

The Tale of Magdelian Magdelor

by Ireland Steele

February 2, 2009

Friends, Romans countrymen- lend me your ears
For I bring you a story that will drive you to tears
Taws’ a wet dreary day in the middle of May
When our hero zipped up his jacket and went off on his way
Through the long winding streets of a long winding town
Past the long winding vender and his long winding frown
Up a long winding lane on a long winding hill
Where our dear friend Magdelian took quite a spill
His jacket was torn and his trousers were soiled
His knees were in tatters and his sandwiches spoiled
His hat was tragically lost in a cruel westerly breeze
And Magdelian Magdelor fell to his knees
And proclaimed to the sky “I ran out of time!
Is there no forgiveness for my dastardly crime?
I swear I was planning on listening later
Please do not label me as a Steele/McFly hater”
But there was no answer but the mocking west wind
For all knew that our miserable hero had sinned
I urge you dear readers- take heed at my words!
Or your hat will soon too be at the mercy of birds
Listen to episode 1 of podcast season 2
Or a horrible fate will come calling for you
For the sake of your sanity I strongly implore
You heed the Tale of Magdelian Magdelor

An original piece of wordweaving by Ireland Steele
Written, produced, choreographed and performed on the fly

I don’t do this stuff for my own health people-