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Ramone “Bubba” Barbossa is the most objective, ethical podcast reviewer on the payroll at Steele/McFly Productions. Writing episode reviews since 2008, it is widely seen as only coincidence that he has never written a negative review for a Steele/McFly related product. When asked why his reviews are always positive, Barbossa was quoted as saying “The quality has never been less than incredible.” He was then handed $100. No relation.

Trial of the Century

Episode Review

It's here! It's new!! It's Podcast 6!!!

The talented and hard working duo of Greg Steele and Hector Mcfly have found a writing style based on borrowed themes and timing with many subtle (and not so subtle) touches. Their latest effort is a very entertaining and thought provoking project worthy of their gargantuan reputation. Even though "6" is probably their most focused and accessible creation to date, repeated listenings will be required to grasp the multitude of references borrowed here (this reviewer will use the term "borrowed" until the verdict of their trial is revealed...a possible sequel?).

Fans should appreciate these skillful podcasters now. How long will it take for the inevitable commercial sell-outs, bloated budgets, and finally, the highly publicized break up (followed by a half hearted reunion a decade or so later). Try to hold it together boys...think of the children.

Reviewed by:
Ramone "Bubba" Barbossa (no relation)

Trial of the Century

Review Retraction

In the review of podcast 6, Mr. Steele and Mr. McFly were regarded to as Greg and Hector respectively. Actually, their christened names are Ireland and Shamus respectively (and respectfully). The aliases where used without consent (theirs or anyone else's)(written or otherwise). So, Greg and Hector, I offer my deepest, most desperate apologies...R.B.B.

Coming Attractions

Episode Review

Why are those people whispering, giggling and shushing? Oh...I get it!!! Yes, loyal readers, Podcast 7 is on the loose and the boys have again chocked it full of awesome. As in 6 (Trial of the Century) they chose to go with the concept...um...concept. Although this time it is up to the intelligent listener to make the leap of understanding instead of having it presented in an obvious format (the addition of the title will, of course, make it a wee bit more obvious).

When this latest project gets rolling few can argue that Steele/McFly have reached a new apex in podcast freshness, and by releasing it on July 31st (literally in the eleventh hour) they officially made July 2008 the "Amazing Media Month of the Century" when it joined the releases of "The Dark Knight" and "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" in the same month (tell your friends).

As if the consistently maintained high podcast quality were not enough, our favorite Irish Magician and American Cheese have been joined by the mysterious chefgonDOTcom as producer, and he has set the floor on fire with a shiny new logo as well as giving the fans MP3 links to all seven historic podcasts...

chefgonDOTcom ... both of which make it plain to see that his work is up to the high standards set by S/McF. But what is really off the hizzy is the creation of the Season One Box Set complete with some incredible extras. Having recently obtained a copy of this 2 disc behemoth of creativity one can safely assume that this partnership will only raise the bar for the already 13 star quality performances that have, quite frankly, changed all our lives (admit it).

Ramone "Bubba" Barbossa (no relation)


Episode Review

Season 2...Episode 1...Scotland...Review...

Yet another first for the fearless podcasters Ireland Steele and Seamus McFly...GLOBAL PODCASTING. The boys bravely transport their unwitting followers out of the safety of the movie theater and the stranger than fiction world of the criminal courtroom to the furthest reaches of our hemisphere (pick one). Of course, we were all aware that McFly (who, this reviewer thinks, has one too many capital letters in his name) is a secret secret agent (in secret) and that Steele has the most famous pink headband on the internet. But to actually be present to witness their amazing heroics is beyond description (even for yours truly).

It's called Scotland...and where else would you find Sir Sean Connery imbibing in his favorite libation (the noble mah-tini).

So crank up that 5.1 system you got for X-mas and be thunderstruck by the lifelike, upgraded and enhanced sound effects (which, btw, actually are real) and have yourself taken away to wherever the Cheese (former sidekick) and the Magician want to take you (with, of course, absolutely no funds in their budget).

...13 stars...

Ramone "Bubba" Barbossa (no relation)

The Year 2008

Episode Review

The seemingly straight forward title to this podcast installment could make the prospective listener think either 1) OK...it's another year in review where the talent looks back on past glories...or...2) no way would our co-pilots of unpredictability sink to something so cliche'. Apparently you are both right (I think). It's a look back in a way no one could have predicted.

Just when we all thought that the verdict to the "Trial of the Century" would continue to haunt our every waking thought (as well as visit many restless dreams) as forever unknowable, our unfathomably, benevolent heroes drop it out of the sky (they were on an airplane to London, right?) directly into our earbuds. And all it took was an obnoxious fan with a fat wallet.

Whatever the reason (or lack thereof) for this episode, this reviewer can say for a certainty that it completely dispels the popular belief that Ireland Steele and Seamus McFly cannot work together. Unless the inscrutable McFly orchestrated some massively clever studio trick, it is obvious S/McF were in very close proximity when recording (as opposed to the previous practice of recording from different states) and they were also obviously very drunk!

Of course, this is the much anticipated buddy movie that no one knew was coming. Perhaps the most hysterical eight minutes ever recorded, this episode features two legendary podcasters on top of their game, showing a skill-set that is unattainable by anyone else in the genre.

We all love to drop a quote or two to show everyone how hip we are and that we got the joke, but this gem is practically wire to wire quotable (repeat any line...it's bleepin' funny).

We can only hope that the boys have sparked a renewed mania for the once king of all drunken activities...COWTIPPING.

"See, I told you it was a cow."

...13.5 stars...

Ramone "Bubba" Barbossa (no relation)


Episode Review

After an epic meeting with Sir Sean Connery in Scotland and a revealing backward look at 2008, our boys are back in real time (and Steele is back where he started his World Tour).

London appears to be a very strange country indeed, even to our globe trotting Duo of Daring. The sound effects continue to amaze as they paint a picture of "The Big Smoke" (look it up) that is infinitely clearer than what a camera lens could capture through all of that "pea soup".

Upon fleeing the airport (which could have been located in Crazytown) the City only gets weirder; with multiple non-sightings of Johnny Depp and a mysterious warning of an impending midnight broadcast.

A little alone time for McFly gives us a chance to sample some pure BBC sitcomedy starring none other than The Beatles (how did they get them on their budget?). This show is so British that evil producer Chefgon was heard to have said that he could practically see them wearing dresses...OH!!! British humour!!!

I, for one, totally bought into the circumstances of a Steele vs. Federer Wimbledon triple rematch (it could happen)(and when will Roger learn that he is powerless in the presence of the Pink Headband?) and how it got us back, just in time, for the promised midnight April 15th broadcast by some vindictive chap in a Guy Fawkes mask ("was that Johnny Depp?"..."no").

...13 stars...

Ramone "Bubba" Barbossa (no relation)


Episode Review

If there ever was any doubt…this episode makes it official…anything is possible in the world (Tour) of Steele/McFly. In one incredible (literally) scene they manage to bring a previously murdered pirate back from the dead, make him a substitute Professor of Potions, then kill him off again by reprising the all powerful curse first uttered as a vehicle for perhaps the most heinous cliff hanger in podcast archives (Trial of the Century, of course). But, instead of indignant outrage, we must applaud our favorite Purveyors of Audacity. After all, how else could they have given us what we always wanted most in life (and just didn’t know it), to see Capt. Jack Sparrow in the hallowed halls of Hogwarts.

Along with the melding of Harry Potter settings with Pirates of the Caribbean stars we are also treated to a rare cameo by Jake Hanes that nearly steals the show, and it just may have if not for the hilariously authentic Red Green commentary of some extreme Emma Watson stalking. In fact, some may wonder if this was the only incident in which the lads were involved…

All in good fun I’m sure, but there does seem to be a little trouble in paradise when a seemingly trivial elevator disagreement causes Steele to cop some serious attitude and get on McFly’s last nerve, who retaliates with some unthinkably insensitive remarks concerning the Irish race and their somewhat primitive customs; which, in turn, sends Steele off into a falsetto Celtic rage that registers a solid 11 on the Shrill-O-Meter. But not to worry faithfully obsessive fans, tensions will be ironed out, to a certainty, by their next epic excursion.

...13 stars...

Ramone “Bubba” Barbossa (no relation)

The Hiatus (Part 8)

Episode Review

As far as we know, this is the only documented kidnapping of a podcast episode...EVER!!! Luckily, the daring rescue attempt was updated bi-hourly on the now world famous text only/Hiatus page on this very web site.

Please, do yourself a favor and read all the harrowing details of Chefgon (fully cementing himself as the third Steele/McFly) and his fearless (as well as heartless) mission to recover the helpless, victimized World Tour episode.

Yes, I know, there ARE a lot of words there to read devoted "listeners"...but I understand there is a 100% money back guarantee that the benefit of reading this amazing tale start to finish will not only raise your IQ 10 points, but will also immunize you against H1N1. Besides, it is every bit as clever and unpredictable as you've come to expect from our recent Streamy nominees.

Just read it ya fruit.

Ramone "Bubba" Barbosa (no relation)


Episode Review

As the sitting reviewer for the Steele/McFly Podcast, I couldn't help but notice an alarming amount of time spent on "hiatus" by both our principle characters as well as the normally work obsessed producer Chefgon. With a couple clicks of the mouse any loyal fan (with access to a computer) can see that my last review was about the legendary hiatus entry concerning the epic rescue attempt of the kidnapped episode. This gave yours truly the revelation that everyone BUT me was on some hiatus or another. Needless to say, I succumbed to the temptation to taste the not so forbidden fruit for myself. I took to the hiatus life with a vengeance, which subsided to halfheartedness, then sinking into total indifference. As fate would have it...this reviewer was presented with a lifetime EBRT Award (see episode "The Unaired Pilot" Season One of the Steele/McFly Podcast) on an extremely adequate Boxing Day (Observed). I can stay away no longer...I'm back with a review of the episode IRELAND.

IRELAND, the episode that not only shares the name of Mr. Steele and the semi-famous, footwear loving nation from which he hails; but is also a showcase for the Prince himself.

Just the sight of his beloved Emerald Isle causes Steele's authentic brogue to embed itself so deeply into his consciousness that it lasts almost the entire episode.

The first of many musical interludes leaves no question that he is, in fact, taller than you. This is followed by a number that has more trademark infringements per verse than any other Irish rap song featuring a guest celebrity in history, as Steele and Sean scoop it on thick.

A seamless segue throws us headlong into some spellbinding interviews with Prince Steele and the riveting Sean's Boys, as well as a totally under appreciated Seamus McFly who's surly American attitude can only be placated by the Prince himself promising (sort of) a biopic episode featuring the American Cheese.

This announcement would have been wildly celebrated back in the U.S. of A(h) if not for a dark, dirty secret of McFly's which I think was revealed, but nobody was paying any attention.

...lots of reviewer stars...

Ramone "Bubba" Barbosa (no relation)